70’s Rock from Sydney Australia inspired by Nashville Tennessee
"Loud,Fast, Rude,Rock n Roll”...

In 2011, 16 year old Multi-instrumentalist Writer/Performer Kurt Lowney looked to The Land of the Rising Sun, Japan.

Searching of something different and Inspired by the unique sound and theatrical aesthetic of bands such as Dir En Grey, ABC (Acid Black Cherry) and Bull Zeichen and driven by a love affair with Japan since childhood it was then that KAATO (pronounced “kar-tow”) was born-Taking the Japanese translation of his name as his own alter-ego; his "Ziggy Stardust".

In May of that year, just 3 weeks after the catastrophic earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disasters that devastated Japan and saw countless people fleeing, Kurt Flew into Tokyo to record, entirely solo, his first 5-track EP.

In a small, subterranean studio he worked with brilliant sound-engineer Takashi "Patch" Kitaguchi,studio manager, Osada San, and Kurt's translator, they were the only ones present during that eerie time.

Tracking was interupted by constant earthquake warnings via SMS They’d collectively pause and hold their breaths – not knowing whether to expect a major or minor aftershock. When each tremor passed, work would resume. Hence, it was fitting to Name his first release, "Blind Thrust Fault" – a seismological term to describe an underground rupture that doesn’t breach the surface.

Events happened quickly and Kurt found himself in LA,performing and eventually landing in America’s Music City Nashville Tennessee.

Kurt brought along his longtime friend and bass player, Mika Nuutinan, whom he had met at the Australian Institute of Music.  During their time in school the pair formed a strong musical bond and lasting friendship.Kurt and Mika are both fans and connoisseurs of classic rock with a Singular vision to resurrect "Rock n Roll" amid the current cutesy pop rap that's trotted out today.Songs are Not written to a formula,but come from the heart ,mind and experience with a complimentary nod to the original founders and influencers of rock,Aerosmith, Boston, Styx,Zeppelin,

KAATO album kicks off with the aptly titled SDRR (Sex, Drugs,Rock& Roll) High Time, a fast-paced party song is the First Single release.”KAATO definitely brings its own fresh sound to the rock scene.

When KAATO takes the stage your are held captive by the infectious music and dynamic performance.

Start to finish, "Our music is loud, it's fast, it's rude, it's rock and doesn't care. 'Ssys Lowney'

Its been 2 hectic years for KAATO establishing the Brand Internationally UK,Europe,Japan,USA,Australia.Due to their international standing KAATO has performed in various guises with talented musicians from around the world.
On the road in 2016 Touring the US ,UK ,Scotland and Wales appearing at the World famous Whisky A Go Go in LA.
2017 saw KAATO venture to 'The Land of the Rising Sun' in March ,playing in Osaka,Nagoya and Tokyo.They also returned to the UK in September and finished the year playing to Adoring crowds on their first Headlining Tour of Japan in December.

2018 sees a return to the studio,

"Stand By" !!